About Us

We are a Non-Profit building equitable digital infrastructures and inclusive Technological ecosystems for young Africans.
Officially registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 with Registration No. OONGO/R/1223 OONGO/R/1223 in July 2020.

We aim for sustainable Youth participation and empowerment in the digital cyber space.  Foster intergenerational alliance in digital inclusion. We want to achieve this through streamlining our varied perspectives on technological matters gaining more inclusion to youths from different generations and using the insights as a collective framework foundation for more consolidated initiatives through the process, impacting mindset via knowledge and dialogue and eventually the creation of competent internet leaders, policy reforms and achieving internet for all collectively.

We are solving urban challenges with forward youthful thinking to impact innovative cultures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure every youth is included in the digital universe, interacting and benefitting with meaningful engagement in the digital world, empowering communities and livelihoods.

Our Vision

A digital literate youth community that drives a new narrative of progressive and beneficial technological development.

Meet Our Team

Our Team

Gabriel Karsan

Founder, Director

Kelvin Goyayi

Director Digital Innovation