What We Do

Emerging Youth Initiative collects the perspectives of young people in cyberspace showcasing their understanding of dynamic technological changes and our adaptability to the fourth industrial revolution for  a more inclusive prosperous way of life.





Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure every youth is included in the digital universe, interacting and benefitting with meaningful engagement in the digital world, empowering communities and livelihoods.

Our Vision

A digital literate youth community that drives a new narrative of progressive and beneficial technological development.

Our Objectives


To promote development of youth capacity in utilizing the technological resources.


To empower youth participation in digital policy formulation and leadership in the technology sector.


To advocate for digital literacy skills for youth.


To advocate for internet governance to youth and other stakeholders.


Raise awareness about digital rights and their importance in the community.

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Collective vocal authentic voices, contributing to the digital narrative of an inclusive and equitable interconnected and technological world.

Latest Article

1 Mar

Are we Cybernetic Beings?

Specialization, How do we achieve?! Speciation that made Homo Sapiens thoroughly adapt as an intelligent species. Taming nature, by heightened sensory awareness and rational models continuously updating itself. Self evolving, regulating and governing.

16 Jan


Cybernetics seems agreeable as a phenomenon through its achievement and its universal presence among a number of systems. Cybernetics as a concept that defined a functional mechanism for understanding complex systems involving multi-disciplinary approaches to achieve an autonomous agent…